What is Virtual Design?

What is Virtual Design?

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. Consultation: We kick things off with a virtual consultation to get to know you and your unique style. Through a video call, emails and our questionnaire, we'll dive deep into your design preferences, lifestyle needs, and budget considerations.

  2. Concept Creation: Armed with a clear understanding of your vision and your Design Language, we craft personalized design concepts tailored to your space. From mood boards to product selections, we'll present you with clear visuals and product recommendations that align with your design language. 

  3. Refinement and Implementation: Your feedback is our compass! After each revision, we will refine the concept. Both of our virtual design packages include two rounds of revisions, but it's not uncommon for our clients to love their project on the first round. Once you're thrilled with the final design, it's time to bring it to life. We'll provide you with your final design and a shopable list of everything in your design.

Why would I select Virtual Design? 

SAVE MONEY: This is Design for All and we love this about  virtual design! It’s a very affordable alternative to traditional, full-service interior design packages that can be outside of some budgets. The money you save can then be spent on items for your home.

SEE THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR SPACE: With virtual design, you get a compelling visual of what your room could be. You’ll receive a detailed inspiration board with actual products so you can see how all elements work together to make your vision a reality. 
YOU'RE IN CONTROL: Virtual design is all about flexibility. It allows you to completely control your design budget by phasing your project on the timeline that works best for you and your finances.
SAVE TIME: Virtual design allows you to save countless hours shopping for products because we curate the perfect pieces for your space from a wide variety of vendors and price points.
AVOID MISTAKES: With virtual design you will get a thoughtful plan tailored to your space that brings cohesion to your room and helps you avoid costly design mistakes. 
LEARN & SHOWCASE YOUR DESIGN LANGUAGE: We will help you hone in on the style that speaks to you and works best for your lifestyle. We love to work with what you already own and treasure, and solve design problems that may be keeping you from loving your space.
FOR THE HANDS-ON CLIENT: Virtual design is a great match for people who want to be more involved in the design process and want to learn a little along the way, and just need help fulfilling the vision in an efficient way. 
We'd love to work with you! One of the major benefits of virtual design is that you can get started immediately. You’ll have a plan and product links within 10 days! Interior designers are in high demand since the pandemic and many traditional services are often booked out 8 weeks or more.

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