Collaborative Virtual Design: Your Style, Our Expertise

Our personalized virtual interior design process is easy and fun.

We'll guide you in discovering your unique signature style, whether modern, bohemian, or a beautiful blend of both. We'll create a completely customized style guide to fit you and the kind of home you want.

As you share your inspirations and room details - we'll listen attentively and thoughtfully curate the perfect design across vendors and budgets to bring your vision vividly to life. Our design services ensure a cohesive plan tailored precisely to your space, lifestyle, and budget.

Check out the other benefits listed below.


Our services save you countless hours of shopping for products that may or may not work in your space. We'll curate the perfect pieces, sourcing from a wide variety of vendors and price points.


We will help you identify your signature style so your space reflects you, your family and your daily life. You'll be able to refer back to your customized style guide to make confident design decisions moving forward.


Regardless of the service you choose, working with us ensures you receive a thoughtful, cohesive plan tailored to your space so your time and money are spent on pieces you treasure.


This is design for all! We love having services that serve a wide range of clients. Our Room by Room service is a very affordable virtual design option, and our custom services can be scaled to your needs if you need more than what virtual design offers. Design Delivered falls somewhere in the middle.


With all of our services, we'll provide compelling visuals of what your room could be. You’ll also receive a detailed inspiration board(s) with actual products so you can see how all elements work together to make your vision a reality. 


Our services are all about flexibility. With Room by Room and Design Delivered, you completely control the project timeline so it works best for you and your finances.


Some spaces and situations are challenging. Mixing styles, merging families, working with existing pieces and tackling an unusual room - we love projects like this. There is nothing better than helping our clients find solutions.

The bottom line

Design For All

Our services save time, money and help you avoid mistakes. We can scale any project, from affordable to truly custom, to fit your needs. Not sure what is right for you? We're here to help you decide.

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Room by Room

This package is ideal if you want to move at your own pace. Following an initial Discovery Call, you will receive your design package within 10 days, and can determine from there how fast (or slow) you'd like to purchase items from your custom design. 

Details & Pricing

Design Delivered

In a custom package delivered to your front door, this service is best if you crave a more tailored approach along with physical samples. It includes all the benefits of our Room by Room plan plus a space plan, samples, a custom color palette and wall covering/paint selections. 

Details & Pricing

Custom Services

Some projects require a more in-depth approach, and we are happy to provide the service that best fits your needs. For full-service design or any other custom package, drop us a line and we'd be happy to create a custom package that suits your needs.

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